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After what's been kind of a rough day and a very quiet evening to myself, I figured it was about time to resurrect my good old LJ.

It's been a while. Things have certainly changed, but the need for a place to talk and vent and things has been long missing. For now? Work is good, I like my job. We have a cute little house and three cats. Marriage is good, though what has always been sort of a "different" situation for us continues to be so, with a bit more involvement on my part? Vague, but I want to actually provide more detail when I have the capacity to do so and do it the justice it deserves. That will be a meaty entry, I'm sure.

Talking about today's frustrations though. Election chaos is in full swing and has been a while. Now, I'm friends with my biological father on Facebook and this has turned out to be kind of a shit arrangement, honestly. He's terrible, inconsiderate, and kind of cruel in his execution of posts and pictures. Another long story. What got me really bent out of shape was a post today that basically excused Trump's "locker room talk" because of the popularity of 50 Shades and there I went down that rabbit hole of a situation that happened years ago. Sexual assault, the why, the how, the guilt, wondering about the blame, no real conclusion, just dull and quiet inside. Rough for him, but for different reasons.

Again, another story to revisit at another time.

I'm off of work tomorrow, which is welcome after submission of HUD reports. I'm headed down to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center with my close guy friend. Hopefully it'll help clear my mind and give me some time without stress.

To those of you that may still be here, hugs! Hoping you see more of me and vice versa.


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